New 20181028 firmware and MegaDrumManagerFX versions released

The latest MegaDrumManagerFX version is now 20181028. This version is required to support Noise Filtering introduced in the firmware version 20181028.

In this version:
1. A new setting called Noise Filter Level was added in Misc settings. This is to support the new setting in the latest MegaDrum firmware version. Default is set to 5. Level 0 corresponds to old default noise filtering. This setting is only effective on STM32F205 based MegaDrum.

Orders with possible free shipping in July/mid August

I normally ship modules within 7 days and kits within 5 days after an order is placed (often quicker).
I'm away from 29th July till 5th August and I'm going to be busy with extra work till mid August . As a result I will have much less time to build modules/kits during this period.

As a way of compensation for longer wait times I offer the following:
IF you order between now and about 10th August and If you're prepared to wait up to 20 days between placing an order and the order being shipped I will do shipping for free.

Discount for kits/modules with 1.8" LCDs

A while back I ordered a batch of 1.8" color LCDs but nowadays I mostly get orders for modules/kits with 2.4" color LCDs. As a result a I have a number of 1.8" LCDs lying as dead weight. So to put them to good use I will offer kits/modules with 1.8" LCDs with a 10GBP discount (so they'll cost even less then kits/modules with standard LCDs).


This offer will run until I have 2-3 1.8" LCDs left.



MegaDrum Manager FX succeeds MegaDrum Manager

For several weeks I've been working on a completely new MegaDrum Manager which uses JavaFX instead of Swing/Awt.
And it is now called ... of course MegaDrum Manager FX!

One of the main reasons to re-write it for JavaFX was due to lack of support of HiDPI displays in Swing.
The other main reason was that old MegaDrum Manager had badly structured source code which was quite hard to maintain.

MegaDrum Manager FX (MDMFX) is now available for download.