Small but important changes.

Small but
important changes to schematics:
In MegaDrum32 Digital board: R26 - from 220
to 4k7
In MegaDrum8 Digital board: R21 - from 220 to 4k7
board: R4 - from 470 to 1k
In PIC18F2550 USB board: R4 - from 470 to
With old values MegaDrum might experience resets when receiving Sysex

Virus in MegaDrum

I was made aware of a
virus which somehow got into the previous firmware version and was causing
MegaDrum to start sending unauthorized e-mails after an hour of drumming. The
latest release of the firmware fixes it and can be found in the usual place.

MegaDrum recall.

I had to recall all
MegaDrum modules manufactured before today due to a firmware bug which can only
be fixed at a factory. All these modules will be re-programmed with a latest
version of the firmware available on the Downloads page and
returned to customers free of charge.

MegaDrum is now plug-n-play.

Great news! Thanks to Synthex, not only one of the first to build MegaDrum but to make a contribution to the project, MegaDrum is now fully plug-n-play with a PIC18F2550 based true USB MIDI Board. Synthex developed the board schematic and, most importantly, a USB MIDI complaint firmware for it. You can see how it happened in these threads: and

Work on32 inputs version.

I've made some improvements in
the code so I've updated all firmware versions. In fact it's not the first time
I did it:) So if you downloaded the firmware a while ago I advise you to do it
Also I wanted to let you know that the work on 32 channels version is
progressing well.

Do you want to test MegaDrum?

I've updated
the documentation section with pictures of assembled
Also I want to invite anyone who has experience with any of
Roland, Yamaha, Alesis and etc Drum Modules to test MegaDrum at my place (with
my kit) or at your place (with your kit) to provide an independent
feedback/review to the E-Drum community. E-mail to me at d_skachkov at yahoo dот com and we will
arrange time and place. One condition though:) You will be willing to travel to
Oxfordshire area or live not far from it. I'm away on a holiday until 24th,