Small but important changes.

Small but
important changes to schematics:
In MegaDrum32 Digital board: R26 - from 220
to 4k7
In MegaDrum8 Digital board: R21 - from 220 to 4k7
board: R4 - from 470 to 1k
In PIC18F2550 USB board: R4 - from 470 to
With old values MegaDrum might experience resets when receiving Sysex

Virus in MegaDrum

I was made aware of a
virus which somehow got into the previous firmware version and was causing
MegaDrum to start sending unauthorized e-mails after an hour of drumming. The
latest release of the firmware fixes it and can be found in the usual place.

MegaDrum recall.

I had to recall all
MegaDrum modules manufactured before today due to a firmware bug which can only
be fixed at a factory. All these modules will be re-programmed with a latest
version of the firmware available on the Downloads page and
returned to customers free of charge.

MegaDrum is now plug-n-play.

Great news! Thanks to Synthex, not only one of the first to build MegaDrum but to make a contribution to the project, MegaDrum is now fully plug-n-play with a PIC18F2550 based true USB MIDI Board. Synthex developed the board schematic and, most importantly, a USB MIDI complaint firmware for it. You can see how it happened in these threads: and

Work on32 inputs version.

I've made some improvements in
the code so I've updated all firmware versions. In fact it's not the first time
I did it:) So if you downloaded the firmware a while ago I advise you to do it
Also I wanted to let you know that the work on 32 channels version is
progressing well.