A new MCU allows to save more Configs/Drum Maps.

I have added Atmega1284 to the list of MCUs which can be used in MegaDrum. Atmega1284 allows to save twice as many Cinfigs/Drum Maps in non-volatile memory compared to Atmega644.
Also, with the new USB MIDI firmware and latest MegaDrum firmware it is now possible to switch to higher MIDI speeds which reduces latency by 0.5-1.5ms.
For details see Changes in version 20110424 in Latest MegaDrum firmware version.

More new features in MegaDrum

It's been a while since I posted in the News. It is not because of a lack of news but because I was busy working on general MegaDrum functionality optimization and on implementing new features, both which have been suggested by MegaDrum users and which I have planed myself. And the list of the features is not short: