New 20140901 MegaDrumManager versions released

I just published a new 20140901 MegaDrumManager version. In this version I tried to address issues experienced by many (most?) Windows users with 'Firmware upgrade' procedure. As far as I can judge all these issues should now be resolved. I also implemented some internal improvements. I tested it on Windows 7 64bit and Windows 8.1 32bit. Anders (aka angr77) tested it on Windows 8.1 64bit.

New 20140516 frimware and MegaDrumManager versions released

A new firmware and MegaDrum Manger version released. This is a further work on the new pedal handling algorithm. Added 2 new settings: ChckDead and ChkCrv. Chick and splash handling in the new algorithm uses 4 settings:
When Pedal->New Algrthm" is set to Yes:
If you press/release your pedal longer then ChkDead time period then no chick/splash will be triggered. To find right setting for it, navigate to Pedal->ChkDead and see detected values for various press speeds.

New 20140507 frimware and MegaDrumManager versions released

I just released a new version of MegaDrum firmware where I added a new Pedal handling algorithm. It is enabled if you set "Pedal->New Algrthm" to Yes. When enabled, it also uses 2 additional Pedal paramaters: MinVelocity and MaxVelocity which play role in calculating chick and splash velocities. When you navigate to this 2 Pedal parameters you will also be able to see raw pedal press/release speed(velocity) when you do a chick. See details in Latest MegaDrum firmware version

Letest MegaDrum Manager version and more

It's been a year since I released an ARM version of MegaDrum and, even though I rarely post news on the main web page, I constantly improve MegaDrum firmware by adding new features, fixing bugs or improving old features. If you're frequent on the MegaDrum forum then you probably know of all the latest changes but here is the summary of main changes for the past year: