New features of MegaDrum

A lot of things has changed. I added support for
rotary encoders as an alternative to keys. Added support for quick drum
maps switching (for live performances?). Got rid of an LCD contrast
pot, contrast is now controlled by MegaDrum itself. I switched from
DipTrace to KiCad for schematics and PCBs design. All schematics have
been updated. Some other things I don't remember right now.

MegaDrum Gallery in the forum.

There was a pause in MegaDrum development, mainly due
to the fact that I've implemented all main features and I just wanted
to get feedback from people who built MegaDrum, but also because my
development laptop died a while ago. Now it's been replaced and a new
firmware version is available. The main feature added is per input
Crosstalk suppression level rather than a global one. Also now you can
see much more professionally built (but still DIY!) MegaDrum modules.

New settings in MegaDrum.

New firmware version which introduces a new setting called MinScan -
Minimum Scan time. It sets minimum scan time to sample input signals
for each input. In the menu it is shown/measured in 1/10th of
millisecond. It can be changed between 1 and 100 which correspond to
0.1ms and 10ms respectively. This version also has substantially
modified algorithm for sampling input signals. In short it does a
kind of "caching" for choosing inputs to sample and trigger.

MegaDrum is now even simpler to build.

It might be old news for you if you follow discussions on the
forum. Thanks to Synthex MegaDrum is now even simpler to build if you can buy
74HC4851 or MAX4558 instead of 4051. Using these ICs you can omit all BAT85
diodes and
100 Ohm ESD protection resistors. It is 96 less discrete parts
for 32 inputs version of MegaDrum! Follow these threads:

32 inputs version is now available.

A 32 inputs
version of MegaDrum is now available! It uses the same Digital
board. A schematic and a PCB design for a new Analogue board are
on the Download and Schematics pages. An alternative PCB design for the new
Analogue board, developed by Synthex, is available on the forum. It uses schottky diode array and simplifies the
Analogue board even more.