Orders with possible free shipping in June

I normally ship modules within 7 days and kits within 4 days after an order is placed (often quicker).
This June (and possibly a bit longer) I'm going to be very busy with some house work. As a result I will have much less time to build modules/kits during this period.

As a way of compensation for longer wait times I offer the following:
1. If you're prepared to wait up to 14 days between placing an order and the order being shipped I will reduce the shipping cost in half.

MegaDrum with 2.2" graphical colour LCD

From now on MegaDrum modules and kits can be supplied with a 2.2" graphical colour LCD. Here it is in action:


So from today MegaDrum modules/kits can be supplied with either a 2.2" colour LCD or 1.8" colour LCD or a standard character LCD.

The 2.2" LCD adds 10GBP to the cost of a module/kit compared to the cost of a module/kit with a standard character LCD.

Introducing a new 56 inputs MegaDrum module in a full aluminium case

Today I introduce a new 56 inputs MegaDrum module in a full aluminium case. It is available now for 210GBP plus postage. I will continue to offer the 56 inputs module in an ABS case for a rudeced price of 195GBP plus postage. To order send me an e-mail to . See images of the new module below and more details in forum