New 20200331 firmware and MegaDrumManagerFX versions released

The latest MegaDrumManagerFX version is now 20200331. This version is required to support new settings.

In this version:
1. Added support for per input rolls smoothing. Disabled by default and can be set to 1 (lightest smoothing), 2 or 3 (strongest smoothing). When set to 1, 2 or 3 the MIDI Note On levels will be smoothed if hits from the same input come within Note Off Delay. Ignored on Atmega.

2. Added support for per input extra false triggering suppression. Disabled by default. Can be enabled for some pads/cymbals with very long inconsistent after hit vibration but it will negatively affect pressrolls and very fast rolls. Ignored on Atmega.

3. Added support to read current raw Pedal level and set Low and High from the read value (buttons SetLow and SetHigh in the top of the Pedal settings panel).