MegaDrum SysEx messages and formats





MegaDrum can send and receive SysEx messages to control it's operation.

To control MegaDrum from a PC you can use MegaDrum Manager  (MDM).

If you cannot use MDM for any reason, you still can use SysEx to save/restore settings to/from a PC, you can send current MegaDrum configuration dump to a PC to save it externally. It can be done manually via menu (see Send ConfSysex) or it can be requested from a PC via SysEx. Secondly, you can send a SysEx with a configuration dump, previously received from MegaDrum (and possibly edited) , from a PC to MegaDrum. And finally, for now, you can request from a PC to save a current configuration into internal memory. Below are the descriptions and formats of SysEx messages MegaDrum can send or receive.

 MegaDrum uses several types of messages. Below is a description of all MegaDrum SysEx messages. This information is only useful for those who want to develop software to control/configure MegaDrum.