MegaDrum Manager FX succeeds MegaDrum Manager

For several weeks I've been working on a completely new MegaDrum Manager which uses JavaFX instead of Swing/Awt.
And it is now called ... of course MegaDrum Manager FX!

One of the main reasons to re-write it for JavaFX was due to lack of support of HiDPI displays in Swing.
The other main reason was that old MegaDrum Manager had badly structured source code which was quite hard to maintain.

MegaDrum Manager FX (MDMFX) is now available for download.

New 20170501 MegaDrumManager versions released

The latest MegaDrumManager version is now 20170501.

This version makes a major improvement to Sysex communication:

1. MegaDrum Manager now uses maximum speed possible even if SysEx delay is set very high.

2. Better detection of incomplete/incorrect communication.

3. It doesn't try to get/send settings from/to MegaDrum if MIDI ports are not open.