Major improvement on triggering with mesh type pads.

You probably heard or experienced that MegaDrum was quite difficult to configure and find perfect settings espesially for mesh type pads. The hardest thing with mesh type pads was to find a sweet spot in settings where you get false triggering eliminated without killing fast/press rolls.

I was not sitting still. For some time I've been working on a improvement of triggering. And now I feel I come up with a new algorithm which makes configuring mesh type pads very easy with very good triggering results. I've published a test firmware version in forum and besides my test results other MegaDrum users also reported a huge improvement.

Incidentally, the new algorithm also improves triggering (and ease of configuration) with all other types of pads/cymbals.

I hope to publish a new MegaDrum firmware version with the new algorithm included in the nearest future.