I'll Paypal someone $30 USD for 30 minutes of live help.

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I'll Paypal someone $30 USD for 30 minutes of live help.

Postby Hypnoctopus » Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:24 pm

I recently received my MegaDrum, and am finding the initial setup to be quite daunting. There's just so much unfamiliar terminology, and no official documentation which offers a comprehensive, step by step guide for absolute beginners using the MegaDrum Manager FX software. The supplied MDMFX video seems to start somewhere in the middle of the setup process (for example, it does not explain what MIDI IN / OUT channels one should specify in main>options based on one's particular setup.)

With all of that being said, I'm seeking an experienced user to video or audio chat with me and remotely connect to my PC via Teamviewer, a free and reliable PC/MAC remote control program (https://www.teamviewer.us/). I would like you to remotely control my Mega Drum Manager FX software, and facilitate the initial setup. I will strike certain pads upon your command. I'm looking for someone who has already successfully done all of this for their own setup. If you can seamlessly answer the questions of a complete beginner like myself, then you're perfect for this job. By the end of 30 minutes, I would like to have completed at least 1-3 below:

1. To verify that my MegaDrum is properly hooked up to my computer.
2. To have the MIDI In / Out in MDMFX set up to have MDMFX properly receive MIDI data.
3. To have been walked through the process of tweaking the responsiveness of my drum pads to have them responding at least decently. I don't expect them to be tweaked to perfection within a mere 30 minutes. Just tweaked to be decent.

And after those are completed, if there is any additional time within the 30 minutes:

4. To implement additional tweaking which you, as an experienced user, recommend.
5. To set up my Roland ride for bell / bow/ edge.
6. To tweak positional sensing settings for my Roland snare.

(I don't expect that items 4-6 will be possible to complete within 30 minutes after already having completed 1-3, but they are listed just in case. Accomplishing 1-4, for example, would be greatly appreciated.)

If your experience leads you to believe that it is unreasonably difficult to complete at least items 1-3 above within a 30 minute time frame (considering that I would have preemptively connected all my pads to the MegaDrum and connected the MegaDrum to my PC), please let me know before agreeing to this deal. I'd prefer not to bother if those three items cannot be completed.

Understand that if we agree to make this deal, I guarantee the following:

1. To pay you up front via Paypal in the amount of $30.00 USD (approximately €25.83, or approximately £23.36)
2. I will respect your time, and I WILL NOT expect you to help me beyond our agreed upon 30 minutes.
3. If I feel that I really want more help after having completed items 1-3 above and our time running out, I will offer you additional money.

My setup:

Windows 10, 16GB RAM, i7 Processor
Steinberg UR22mkII USB Audio / Midi Interface
MegaDrum Drum Trigger, 56 inputs, latest firmware, brand new as of August 2018 with positional sensing board.
MegaDrum Manager FX, latest version
Superior Drummer 3 DAW


1x Roland PD-85
1x Roland PD-125BK Snare
2x Roland CY-5
3x Roland CY-8
1x Roland CY-15R Ride
4x acoustic tom drums with mesh heads using DDrum Red Shot acoustic drum trigger
1x acoustic bass drum with mesh head using DDRum Red Shot acoustic drum trigger

I live in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (UTC -5), and can be available most weekdays from 5:30PM until 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

Please email me if you're interested:


Thank you for reading.
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Re: I'll Paypal someone $30 USD for 30 minutes of live help.

Postby ErikM » Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:02 pm

Any luck with set-up?
Hopefully some MegaDrum vids to follow.

MegaDrum 32, Ableton Live Standard, Roland Frankenstein set, Premier Genista acoustic set
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