Problems with Roland cymbals

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Re: Problems with Roland cymbals

Postby Madsonics » Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:12 pm

dmitri wrote:Can you try to configure inputs 18-21 as follows:
1. Configure inputs 18/19 as Dual piezo/piezo with input 18 (bow) as "Dual or 3way Yamaha" and input 19 (bell) as Piezo.
2. Configure inputs 20/21 as Dua piezo/switch. On input 20 set Notes equal to Notes on input 18, Notes on input 21 equal to input 19, Notes on 3rd zone for Edge sounds. Threshold on 3rd zone to around 5 and Threshold on input 21 to 0.
3. Set all 18-21 inputs into the same XTalk Group separate from all other inputs.

Okay....Finally got around to this.

Setting input 21 to threshold 0 disables the edge switch aftertouch. Edge triggers result in bow hits at velocity 127. Raising it up a bit to 3 re-enables the aftertouch. Edge trigger still bow at 127 velocity. Raising or Lowering the edge trigger threshold (3rd zone inputs 20/21) does not change things.

Normal bow/bell triggers work okay. With input 21 set to threshold of 3, allows for aftertouch on bow and edge, but not bell. So muting a bow hit works, but muting a bell hit does not.
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Re: Problems with Roland cymbals

Postby dmitri » Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:18 pm

Is it possible configure the drum app to mute bell along with bow/edge on receiving Aftertouch for bow/edge?
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