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TrapKat Project

Postby Techbuilder » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:36 am

Hi everyone I have a project that could use a little help and maybe could interest you as well

I was given as a gift from my friend a Trapkat

He used the trap kat for various live gigs and loved it
the only problem was that the board that alternate provides is crap,
something always goes out which is usually the bass and the hi hat.
I located that it was a poor quality crystal and filtering cap but god only knows how long the replacement will
work since he has replaced 5 boards before although he hasn't replaced any since I located the problem but I still don't want to
risk anything.

So basically I want to get rid of the board and use the Mega Drum as the new board
the only problem is that it uses FSR sensors as apposed to a piezo element

I happend to find a circuit that converts the signal but it's in it's early stages ... post442590

So if any of you have information on doing something like this let me know
or tell me what you think about the TrapKat

I can't wait to get this baby fixed with a new board and hooked up to superior
because I have very little room in my room and this would be perfect

post comments on your thoughts
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Re: TrapKat Project

Postby Pete Predictable » Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:02 pm

I see no reason why your FSRs couldn't work but FSRs and the trapkats have been discussed in other threads somewhere (I had a quick try with the seach I can not help).

A Force Sensing Resistors need a voltage input which it modulates with respect to the force applied to the area it occupies.

The output to Megadrums AVR convertors (and therefore Dimtris code) need *only* a voltage to measure.

There have been some really good suggested improvements for other sensor devices and associated hardware but none have been adopted here. Bare in mind that the software is 'tuned' to the piezo then you end up with two choices:
+ ask for help with the hardware.
+ ask for support (for your new hardware) in the Megadrum firmware.

There are at present over 1700 members of this forum, and I expect this would be 1/10th of those interested in the project but, from you point of view this project is a conservative design and has had 3 (three) design changes since it began in 2K7.
+ Synthex did the PIC USB.
+ Synthex found the automotive multiplexers.
+ elrules did MCT.

There is a recent post confirming Hall effect Hihats work but nobody has multiple hihats....
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