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Postby Goldie » Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:47 pm

Hi baquette

I dont know what you mean below sticker. I googled for PCM54HP and it says DA converter, its visible on pictures i think. If you mean this chip where it says Alesis D4 ver. 1.04 i can check.

I think regulators do their job, i've checked right after crash, they were the same. Minimum i measured is 9,78 input on + regulator, but unit still working. Output is always 5v, -5v. Must be something with connections, i'm trying to figure out what. I disconnect one thing at time and check. Seems to me that anything can couse it, LCD, buttons. And i'am pretty sure adapter is original, model P3, which they describe as 10v, even its writen 9v. It does produce 10v anyway.

Right now i'am trying to figure out what synthex connected to what on his PCB, making big progress here :D
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