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Acoustic conversion to MegaDrum has gone very well

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:21 pm
by dsteinschneider
Yesterday I "tuned" my Billy Blast 3 ply mesh heads and put the resonant heads back on. I have "tuned" in quotes because I have little idea what I'm doing regarding mesh head tension. I watched some YouTube videos on drum tuning and found someone comparing normal heads against mesh heads - I listened to the pitch of the various size drums with mesh heads he was comparing and tried to emulate that pitch on my mesh heads. That actually worked quite well - the bounce seems more normal and the note triggering is exactly what I expect. I followed airflamesred's video (thanks!) on threshold and highest level.

I haven't finished the hi-hat controller but I have the PCY155 set up for ride and PCY135 for closed hi-hat. Even though I haven't completely figured out how to set them up for MD they are playing and sounding pretty good.

There's an interesting (to me) thread on vdrums where a guitar playing was asking if he could spend just $400 on used equipment and get something visiting drummers would like playing. In the end it was agreed he should double the investment and get a used TD11KV kit which he did. Someone suggested he look into VEX kits which I thought sounded good although some think on a TD11 the VEX samples are too compressed. While participating in that thread I realized that I spent about the same amount on my MD, USB interface, mesh heads and ebridge conversion of the acoustic kit. What I've put together feels like a regular drum kit, has more flexibility regarding triggers and unlimited possibilities regarding the drum samples. Thank you Dmitri for making this possible.

Re: Acoustic conversion to MegaDrum has gone very well

PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:01 pm
by ignotus
Seems like you're on the right track - best of luck with the rest of your build!