Keith Raper to plug bass pedal to rockband?

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Keith Raper to plug bass pedal to rockband?

Postby Gabrial » Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:14 am

Hello everyone,,
Since I'm building my own e-drum kit, I was thinking why not making it so I can plug it in rockband.

For the pads, since it looks like the Xbox controler use piezos, I was thinking that I could just "replace" them with my DIY pads by installing 1/4 sockets in the Xbox controler and spliting the piezos wire so it would "bypass" the one from the controler. For what I know.. I think this should work.

The problem comes from the bass pedal. It looks like it use a magnetic switch (reed switch) and not a piezo. So I was thinking about this.. basically, the switch just open or close the signal (depending of the kind of reed switch, normally open or close).. So I could use any kind of switch that open or close the circuit..

(here picture of someone plugging a reed switch to a real bass pedal: ... 347064464/ )

So the question would be.. with the keith raper circuit, it basically mod the piezo to act like a switch? If so.. so you think it could be use to replace the magnetic switch? Because if it can be done, I could just put a KRC in my bass drum pas and put a on/on switch on my pad to "engage" the KRC. This way I could use it with both the megadrum and rockband.

Thanks for your advices on that!
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