Vsti drums group buy. Great value and price, like MegaDrum:)

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Vsti drums group buy. Great value and price, like MegaDrum:)

Postby rockdude » Sat Dec 26, 2009 7:09 pm

I've recently completed most of my MegaDrum build and finally found a good deal to get a drum vsti with great samples to a affordable price. I think many people that builds a MegaDrum does it for the great value and cheap price, so I thought this group buy at esoundz will attract many MegaDrum users.
More than 400 people has joined already so the lowest price at 99$ is already reached and you get so much stuff that it's ridiculous :shock:
It's called "The Ultimate Studio Drums Group Buy"...a pretty cheesy name but don't mind that, there's much more to it than the name :mrgreen:
Below is cut and paste from the official thread over at kvr forum:
Everything in the "Ultimate Studio Drums Group Buy" is downloadable exclusively from eSoundz.com This is a limited-time bundle that includes the following kits that are playable from Sonic Reality's latest Infinite Player plug-in powered by Kontakt 3.5:

• Sonic Reality's Infinite Player plug-in powered by Kontakt*
• 12 different Ocean Way® Drums DL mix kits from dry to medium to ambient
• 15 Drum Masters 2 Signature Drum Kits featuring drum kits of legendary drummers
• Ambient Impulse Responses from some of the best sounding studio rooms in the world to use with Infinite Player/Kontakt's convolution reverb
• Bonus Midi Grooves

* If you already own the Infinite Player you can get a brand new previously unreleased Drum Masters 2 Ludwig® Jazz Kit instead!

Actually there's more stuff added the more people that joins (you can read more about it at the kvr forum. It's too much to write about here :) ).
I've tried BFD2, Superior Drummer and Addictive Drums and they are all great, BUT too expensive according to me. I used the same reasoning when I decided to build a MegaDrum instead of buying a Roland module (I haven't tried a Roland module though but it's expensive so I think you get my point).

You can listen to some of the included drum kits and join the group buy here:
http://www.esoundz.com/details.php?Prod ... e=Rockdude
I like the clean and unprocessed sound of these drums. A plugin called the Infinite player is used to play the drum samples within the Kontakt sampler. Kontakt has 64bit support so those who have 64-bit systems can take advantage of more ram and their 64bit processors. I don't think any of BFD2, Superior Drummer or Addictive Drums have support for that yet. (Superior Drummer is on it's way I think though)
I also like that it's possible to buy single multitrack kits from esoundz online store to add more drums to your Infinite player plugin. And the head chef of Sonic Reality is a great guy with a ton a humor. He calls himself "Squids" on the forums and answers pretty much all questions. (I wonder if he ever sleeps ;) )

I must add that I haven't played drums through Infinite player or Kontakt before so I don't know how well it works, but you have to admit that the drums in the link I provided sounds awesome 8-)
I've seen a video clip from a drummer active at vdrum forum playing the Infinite player through Kontakt and it seems to work very well. She plays a kit from Ocean Way drums and there will be 12 different kits from them in this bundle. Here's the video:
I think the kits from Drum Masters 2 sounds even better (15 of those kits included in this group buy)

There's a big thread at vdrums forum and an even bigger one at kvr (the offical) that holds in deep information about this group buy. The deal ends dec 30 so join before that if you want this bundle....and if you want you can refer me so I get some epointz (they're can be used as credits when buying stuff), my username there is rockdude, the same as here.

I've read the official kvr thread (close to 100 pages right now) since the beginning of the group buy so I know pretty much about it if you guys have any questions.
Well folks, that's enough ranting about this for now. I hope you find it useful and not a total waste of time...or spam :D

Happy Holidays!
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Re: Vsti drums group buy. Great value and price, like MegaDrum:)

Postby rockdude » Sun Dec 27, 2009 6:55 pm

449 and counting...next level is at 500! Maybe I'm the only one excited about this? :lol:
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Re: Vsti drums group buy. Great value and price, like MegaDrum:)

Postby rockdude » Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:06 pm

Last day to join is tomorrow! 491 has joined so far.
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