Yamaha HH 65 died. . .

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Yamaha HH 65 died. . .

Postby Metalal5150 » Wed Jul 26, 2023 6:20 pm

Hi guys.

Does anyone using Yamaha HH 65 pedal at all ?

Mine packed up and I have been unable to find the fault for the past 2 weeks.
I have desoldered every single component and and checked with multimeter if any are faulty.
There is basically 7 resistors and one diod.
All the resistors seem fine and reading accordingly to the marked coloured lines
And the diod is working as well. But the funny thing is ! When I plug the mono wire into the
jack and hook it up to a multimeter I have a reading of 150 ohm resistance.
Can anybody please be this kind and plug the mono cable into the hh65 and tell me what resistance reading they have when the pedal is loose and what resistance they have when the pedal is pressed ?
Also when I disconnect the resistor strip I get the same resistance reading of 150 ohm.
It's doing my head and I could really use your knowledge guys !
Any info will be much appreciated!!

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