[Request] Implement Note Off Delay per Pad - Cymbal Choke

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[Request] Implement Note Off Delay per Pad - Cymbal Choke

Postby ibanman555 » Thu Mar 25, 2021 4:59 pm

Ableton has just released version 11 which now includes the use of Poly Aftertouch, something that was missing in previous versions. For those who use Ableton as a DAW, along with an E-Kit and midi interface of any sort, were never able to use cymbal choke as the program "filtered" Poly Aftertouch out.

I have found that in order for the aftertouch message to properly send and trigger a choke within a Drum instrument, the aftertouch message must be sent after the corresponding note on, and before the note off. If aftertouch is sent after note off, it is ignored. Worse even, if an aftertouch on message is sent within the timeframe, and aftertouch off is not sent before note off, the cymbal is permanently in the "choke" state until aftertouch is reapplied.

The solution is to increase Note Off Delay to some very high number to ensure aftertouch on/off is triggered within the note on/off time. Unfortunately this makes for a huge mess of long, overlapping midi notes in the DAW and becomes very difficult to edit like this. I would like to propose/ask that each pad/trigger input have its own option of Note Off Delay, so only chokable cymbals require the lengthy note off message, while keeping the rest of the kit sending short and tidy midi messages.

Thanks in advance for the consideration.
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Re: [Request] Implement Note Off Delay per Pad - Cymbal Chok

Postby jorgo » Sun Apr 25, 2021 2:15 pm

the behavior that you describe above is also in SuperiorDrummer3.
The NoteOffDelay in the Misc tab influences the PositionalSensing behavior
and has to be very low (at least for me).
So, there I can "not" increase the value for another pad or cymbal...
I would also be very happy about an individual NoteOffDelay.
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