Superior Drummer 2 hi-hat with Hall Effect pedal thoughts

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Superior Drummer 2 hi-hat with Hall Effect pedal thoughts

Postby dsteinschneider » Mon Sep 23, 2019 4:28 pm

I'm writing this email to pull things from several places into one post so others sorting this out might be helped and because I'm interested in any comments from others.

One thing I'm still not clear on is what situations require adjustment of the Hi-Hat Pedal Controller pages for Levels and Notes?

I'm using Ignotus' hall effect design with a hi-hat stand. I have Superior Drummer 2 and have followed the Megadrum wiki page instructions. The hi-hat cymbal is a Yamaha PCY-135. When I play the edge, bow and tip the Midi Log shows the correct notes: 18 for edge - 19 for bow - 20 for bell

I have the Reverse Levels in hi-hat pedal Misc page checked - I'm assuming that's because I wired the tip and ring backwards?

From the MegaDrum Wiki page for VSTi Configurations:
Setup described below is for a MegaDrum with a variable hi-hat pedal. You can of course also do simple switch based open or closed, but really you should consider to go fully variable because otherwise you are not taking advantage of one of the main reasons to use Superior Drummer 2, which is the so called 'transmutation' of the high hat sounds which makes a big difference to the realism.

Your Hi-Hat setup is such that you want it to always output the same notes for edge, bow & bell, regardless of the openness of the pedal (SD2 takes care of that part). This will mean setting the same note number in a few spots (firmware versions 20100613 and above have 5 levels below this only 3 levels).

One thing I was battling that I've seen others post about is missing hi-hat notes. I believe this is because a lot is going on when you use a 3 zone pad for hi-hat feeding into Superior Drummer. When I performed the "Set All EdgeSw" procedure (do it on the front panel of the MegaDrum) it set Edge Threshold at 92. I adjusted it down to 80 and I'm getting less missed edge notes.

At one point I was getting 4 "choke off" notes every second or so. I think that was causing missed notes. Unfortunately I'm not really sure what I did that solved that issue.

Here is another hi-hat related tidbit I found on another thread
Yes, the 'Set All EdgeSw' option can only be accessed manually. If for some reason you'd rather not, you can raise the rim/edge (for the edge switch) and the 3rd zone (for the bell) thresholds 1 by 1 until you get aftertouch messages when you press the rim/bell switches. 'Set All EdgeSw' is just there to make this step a bit easier by jumping to approximately the right threshold value.

If I play the edge a bit harder I don't get missed notes, I think the real test will be next week when a drummer who has a Roland TD20 comes over and plays it.

Thank you in advance for any comments!

Here are the hi-hat pedal and pad settings I have now:



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