Hi hat settings

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Hi hat settings

Postby Madz » Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:57 pm

hello guys ,

i succesfully installed a 15k resistor inside the jack im using with the vh 11 . i had an improvement in the sensibility but i can't manage to configure it properly . i read every topic and went through the configuration page , but i don't know what i'm doing wrong . i'm using sp3 with the vh 11 (by the way i only have the controller im pairing it with a pcy 135) .
if anyone could help it would mean the world to me as i'm desperate and i don't wanna have to waste more money by buying a drum module ...

thx for your time ! :)
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Re: Hi hat settings

Postby dsteinschneider » Sat Aug 24, 2019 2:11 pm

Hi Madz,

I apologize that I'm not answering your actual question but I just converted an inexpensive Pearl hi-hat stand to be a Hall Effect pedal. It was so inexpensive and easy to construct that I'm suggesting you consider it. Several forum members have posted photos and answered questions. I'm putting together a step by step with parts purchased on Amazon's US website. It works very well with the MegaDrum.

1. Purchase terminal strip:
2. Purchase A1302 Hall Effect Sensor:
3. Purchase TRS cable
4. Pull magnet from dead hard drive
5. Let magnet attach itself to the foot pedal (or build a mounting bracket for it)
6. Hold the sensor smaller side up with a needle nose pliers just above the little indents in the legs
7. Bend the outer legs at a 45 degree angle to the middle leg
7a. (Optional) - bend all three legs to 90 degree angle so the little square sensor is on same plane as the magnet
8. Unscrew the terminals enough to slide the legs in between the square metal washer and the terminal plate below it.
9. Tighten that side of the terminal strip
10. Cut off one end of TRS cable
11. Strip back the outer jacket
12. Untwist the copper shielding wires from each conductor and twist them together into one
13. Strip each conductor back enough to insert into terminal
14. The copper shielding (common) goes to the middle.
15. Figure out which conductor is Tip and which is Ring (red was ring and white was tip on the cable I used)
15. The Ring conductor goes to the left (looking down at terminal strip from side opposite where sensor is connected)
16. The Tip conductor goes to the right (looking down at terminal strip from side opposite where sensor is connected)
17. Position the terminal strip so when foot pedal is press all the way down the magnet is 1-2mm from sensor. For the hard drive magnet it worked best if the one tip of the flat side came down to be 1-2mm from the flat side of the sensor (I've been told it doesn't matter which side of the sensor)
18. Make sure right most switch on MegaDrum is up (Pedal impedance)
19. Press pedal down and look for white number next to purple LVL label to change on the MegaDrum Info page (default page when you switch on). Mine goes from 445 to 720 - the numbers don't matter as long as they are a spread of more than 127.

I should add some photos to this but just wanted to list this all out in one place. If someone sees an error please comment and I'll edit this.
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Re: Hi hat settings

Postby evh0u812 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 10:26 am

Id second this option. Ive been trying to get a goedrum controller working (similar to the vh11) for a week and just ended up spending less than $10 on the parts for a hall effect setup. Works better than any clunky mechanical unit for essentially pennies.
Sell the vh11 controller and buy yourself something nice with the money!
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Re: Hi hat settings

Postby Dutchie » Fri Jan 17, 2020 9:42 pm

Hi Madz,

I'm wondering if you got the VH-11 going or that you went with a Hall effect solution like described. I bought Jobeky cymbals and they delivered a VH-11 with the hihat. Little I knew..... So I got myself in your position :roll:

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Re: Hi hat settings

Postby jorgo » Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:23 pm

Hi Madz,
i have a VH11 Pedal and Cymbal with no resistor mod
only the Cymbal is modified to PositiveWave
(reversed the reversed Roland Polarity to Standard :-))).
My Pedal and my Cymbal working near perfect.
I compared it with a Roland Module!!
My settings in attachment.
The CheckThreshold / SoftLongChickThreshold / ChickMinMaxVelocity
settings are not finetuned... but it works.

Sys: ARM STM32F205RCT6
HH-Pedal in Socket1-HHCtrl
HH-Cymbal in Socket3-HH

Greetings from Germany
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