Superior Drummer 3 midi map

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Superior Drummer 3 midi map

Postby Sharkuel » Sun May 07, 2023 9:34 pm

Hello forum.

I know there is a post that covers the topic, but it is for older firmware, and nowadays it seems it is pretty much dead with some users questioning the utility of it.

I have been figuring out how the Megadrum and the MDMFX tool works in the last week, and I have developed a .mds file for my setup that plays flawlessly.

What I have:

Pearl Export Series converted to Edrum with center mounted Piezo on snare and toms:
14" 2-zone Snare
8", 10" 12" and 14" toms
20" kickdrum
13" 2-zone Lemon crash as a hihat
2x 15" 3-zone cymbal pads as crashes
2x 9" single zone splashes
3-zone (Roland Style) 18" Lemon Cymbal
15" 2-zone china
10" Alesis 2-zone snare pad for 2nd Snare

You may find the .mds file attached for your interest. It was setup with the default MIDI map in Superior Drummer 3.

Have fun and happy drumming! :)
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