MegaDrum FAQ. Read it before posting in this forum!

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MegaDrum FAQ. Read it before posting in this forum!

Postby dmitri » Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:50 pm

In no particular order:

1. What is MegaDrum about? Read this topic.
2. Before posting questions in this forum please read MegaDrum Documentation and FAQ.
3. Use the forum Search option:
4. If the forum Search option is not good enough you can make Google to search within the MegaDrum forum by appending at the end of the search criteria, e.g. ... arch&meta=
5. Your DIY skills a bit rusty? Read the topic"Am I skilled enough to build MegaDrum?"
6. Having issues with PIC18F2550? Read this topic.
7. Having LCD problems? Read this topic.
8. Can 6N138 be replaced with 6N139? Yes.
9. I programmed PIC18F2550 and it says program failed but when connected to USB it is detected. Is my PIC18F2550 ok? See ... 574#p14574
10. Last unencrypted MegaDrum firmware is in ... 683#p12683
11. I have nothing connected to MegaDrum but the LED shows MIDI activity. Why? See ... 97&p=14176
12. I have a cable connected to an input but no pad/cymbal/trigger connected at the other end yet the input still triggers occasionally. Why? See ... f=3&t=2876
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